About Club 500

Model Specifications:
Length: 515mm
Beam: 180mm
Weight incl R/C: 1.6kg

Kit review by Dave Brumstead in Model Boats May 2000

Suitable for advanced beginners

Moulded in high impact styrene Club 500 is intended to offer a low cost medium speed boat suitable for general use or for one-class club racing. Everything to build the basic model is supplied - including propeller, propeller shaft, rudder/tiller, 550 motor, coupling and window decals. The rear spoiler can be installed in either of two positions thus providing a choice of appearance.

Colours available: Red, Yellow, Green. Blue, Purple, White, Orange, Black, Cream, Silver/Grey and Bright/Silver. The standard kit as supplied before had a white hull with the chosen colour of top however all colour models will now be available if required . Club 500 is a 'no frills' kit, available direct from this website.

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Additional items required: A good pair of scissors; a modelling knife; coarse sandpaper and rubbing block; masking tape; a small round file; pliers; double-sided sticky pads and elastic bands. Two part epoxy can be used, to bond the hull and deck together Soudal Fix-All crystal can be highly recommended being successfully used by a number of local club members. A two-channel radio control system using either a servo operated speed control, or micro switch to motor control (or an electronic speed controller minimum 15 amps continuous rating); 7.2 Nimh pack ( buggy type ) battery and battery charger.

Following are Basic Club 500 Racing Rules:

  • Any course and race duration may be envisaged and designed to the club's requirements.
  • No alterations to the model shall be allowed, i.e. original motor, coupling etc. No 'hot' motor or different propeller. No motor alterations.
  • No modifications to below water line.
  • Ordinary 2-channel radio using either an electronic speed control or servo operated control, or micro switch to motor control.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride 7.2V battery pack
  • Buoyancy may be added i.e. airbags.
  • Above rules are, of course, implemented if used for Club 500 racing - this will ensure that all competitors are equal and that fair racing ensues. These fun boats are raced by a number of clubs in the UK and Germany.
  • Oiling tube may be added if required.

A typical installation

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